Keeping You Healthy and Informed | June 2019

June 3, 2019

Keeping You Informed And Healthy “Because caring for you is what we do.”

By:​ ​Carl​ I. ​Walters ​II. ​Chief​ Executive ​Officer,​ Outpatient​Medical​ Center​ Inc.

Dear ​Parish​ Families,

Part ​of ​truly​ being​ there​ for ​our community, ​encompasses ​Outpatient​ Medical ​Center ​Inc.’s ​goal​ to ​continue ​to ​diversify ​our ​health ​system​ services ​to ​better ​meet ​the ​needs ​of​ our​ valued​ community ​families.  ​This​ said, ​on​ behalf ​of​ our ​Board ​of ​Directors​and​ dedicated​ system​ staff,​  please ​join​ me ​in ​welcoming ​the ​following ​gifted ​clinicians ​to ​our ​health​ system​ –​ eager ​to ​take​ good​ care ​of ​you:

-Dr. Mark Singleton, Family Medicine Physician, Natchitoches Health Center

-Margaret Cooper, Licensed Professional Counselor, Tallulah Health Center

-Margaret Froemming, Licensed Professional Counselor, Leesville Health Center

-Vernon Mills, LAC/CCS/CCDP-D/CCGC, Leesville and Natchitoches Health Center

-Amanda Lane, Registered Dental Hygienist, Natchitoches Health Center

-Eurieka Shumpert, Family Nurse Practitioner, Tallulah Health Center

-Gary Jones, Physical Therapist, Natchitoches Health Center

-Dr. Oghale Eleyae, Podiatrist, Natchitoches Health Center

-Dr. Tywanna Chisley, Pediatrician, Tallulah Health Center

-Dr. Michael Crawford, General Dentist, Tallulah Health Center

Outpatient ​Medical ​Center ​Inc. ​is ​now​ also ​offering​ CDL​Physicals, ​ECG​ Services, ​Spirometry​ Services, ​Podiatry​ Services,​ Substance​ Abuse​ Services ​and​ Physical ​Therapy ​Services​ (Natchitoches ​Health ​Center ​only​ at​ this ​time).​  We​ are​ continuing ​efforts ​to​ grow​ our​ Behavioral​ Health ​Services​ service-line,​ as ​there​ remains ​an​ elevated​ community​ need ​for​ such​ services. If you and/or a family member or friend:

- are struggling with difficult and challenging family dynamics

- are struggling with self-esteem challenges

- are struggling with school bullying issues

- are struggling with anxiety/depression

- are in a verbally, physically, or emotionally abusive relationship and need help coping with these issues

- are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, and are trying to break free from it

- are struggling with the life challenges that come with becoming a new mother

- have a history of high blood pressure

- have a family history of cancer

- are diabetic and not currently under the care of a primary care provider

- have not been in for a six-month dental screening

- suffer from asthma

- have not been in for your annual medical check-up

- have not been in for your regular GYN check-up

I/we​ encourage ​you​ to​ call ​us ​today ​at:​

Natchitoches ​Health ​Center: ​(318)352-9299

Leesville ​Health ​Center:​(337)238-1274

Tallulah​ Health ​Center: ​(318)574-1453

for​ a ​confidential ​appointment ​to ​help ​you ​take ​of ​you.  ​Don’t ​have ​any​ money ​to​ pay ​for ​the​ visit?  ​Not ​a ​problem.  ​At ​Outpatient ​Medical ​Center​ Inc., ​it’s ​not ​about ​the ​money; ​it’s​ about ​you​ and​ doing​ what ​we​ can​ to ​help​ you ​take ​good​ care​ of​ you ​and​ your​ family.  ​We​ have​ and​ will ​continue​ to ​be​ the​ health system​ for​ good, ​hardworking, ​everyday​ people ​trying​ to ​do​ the​ best​ they ​can​ with​ what ​they​ have​ to​ do​ it​ with.​  ​I​ also​ cannot​ emphasize​ enough,​ the ​key ​to living​ a​ healthier​ and​ longer ​life​ is​ getting​ under​ the​ care ​of​ a​good​ primary​ care ​clinician​ and​ keeping ​your ​medical/dental/behavioral ​health​ follow-up ​appointments.​  We​ consistently ​see​ situations ​where​ people​ don’t​ go​ to​ see​ their​ clinician ​until ​well​ after​ things​ have​ gone​ from​ bad​ to​ worse.

Outpatient ​Medical ​Center​ Inc.​ is​ your​ community ​health ​center,​ and,​ on​ behalf ​of ​our​ Board​ of​ Directors ​and​ dedicated​ professional​ staff, ​I​ encourage​ more​ parish ​families ​to​ choose​ Outpatient ​Medical ​Center​ Inc.​ as​ your​ family’s​ primary​ care​ home.​ When ​you​ can​ receive​ outstanding​  medical ​care ​(to​ include ​Urgent​ Care)​ in​ a​ personal, ​professional, ​culturally-sensitive,​ and​ cheaper​ fashion, ​doesn’t ​it​ just​ make​ good​ sense​ to​ do​ so​ (smile)?​  So​ pick​ up ​that ​phone ​to ​make ​an ​appointment ​with ​us, ​or​ just​ walk-in​ and​ allow​ our​ gifted ​staff​ to​ take​ good​ care ​of​ you, ​because​ caring​ for​ you​ is​ what​ we​ do​ at ​Outpatient ​Medical ​Center ​Inc.  ​Be ​well;​ be​ informed;​ be​ in​ touch ​and​–​be ​healthy.