Message Regarding COVID-19 Prevention

March 23, 2020

TO OUR PATIENTS Message Regarding COVID-19 Prevention March 23, 2020 

Outpatient Medical Centers, Inc. understands that emergencies are still happening and we are here to provide services to anyone who need our assistance during this time. We are following the guidelines of the CDC and the Governor’s Stay Home orders released on Sunday, March 22, 2020. 

To protect both you and staff, we will be offering authorized telephone visits between you and a provider to address any healthcare needs you may have in the next 30 days. To comply with the Governor’s stay home order, we will do all we can to address your needs in the next 30 days through a phone visit with a provider. 

If you have a need in the next 30 days that we cannot accommodate through a phone visit, your provider will make arrangements with you to accommodate the need for a safe face-to-face visit. Please call your clinic as soon as possible so we can arrange a consultation with a provider. 

We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this difficult time. 

OMC Inc. Leadership Team & Clinical Providers